Dr. Thornton is a former Sergeant in the British Army. He has served in a counter-terrorism role in Northern Ireland (including a spell as an intelligence officer), in the Balkans and in Russia. He was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal (issued by the Queen herself) for ‘exemplary acts of bravery’ whilst serving in Bosnia.

He has provided expert evidence to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee and has worked for the Ministry of Defence, the US Department of Defence and NATO.

He has been a Lecturer in Terrorism at the University of Nottingham since 2007. He has previously taught at the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Academy and worked as a senior lecturer at Kings College, London.

His is the author of Asymmetric Warfare: Threat and Response in the 21st Century (Polity Press, 2006), co-editor of Dimensions of Counter-Insurgency (Routledge, 2007) and has published a number of journal articles.