Why We  Published.

SWAN is a coalition of University members who are deeply concerned with both the treatment of Dr. Thornton and the failure of the University of Nottingham to take seriously his revelations.We believe that transparency and accountability in higher education are important matters of public interest.

We publish these leaks in the conviction that Dr Thornton’s revelations about the conduct of university senior management surrounding the anti-terror arrests of the ‘Nottingham Two’ are are based on compelling evidence. This phase of our publication highlights the documents that overwhelmingly corroborate his assertions of extensive malpractice within the UniversityofNottinghamand beyond. Finally, the suspension of Dr Thornton is an attack on academic freedom – universities are places where controversial and unpopular ideas can be discussed and explored.

We call for the immediate reinstatement of Dr. Thornton and an independent public inquiry into the arrests and the subsequent treatment of those who questioned the university’s behaviour.

A version of Dr. Thornton’s report can be downloaded from our site (www.academicfreedom.co.uk) which has all of the original documents hyperlinked into the footnotes.  This is the only way to view the supporting documents through our website. However, Uni-leaks hosts these same documents which are ready for downloading (www.unileaks.org). Together with Dr. Thornton’s article we hope our websites strengthen the hand of those who demand fairness, transparency and accountability in higher education. What we are asking for is not revolutionary – we are asking for adherence to the basic principles of our democracy upon which institutions like the University of Nottingham have flourished.

How To View

The ‘leaks’ and documents can be navigated by a special version of Dr. Thornton’s paper. Every attempt has been made to stay faithful to the original disclosure, nothing has been changed in the body of the text, some footnotes have been modified to accommodate multiple hyper-links. By clicking on a footnote the user will be taken to a scan of the primary source documents which are being hosted on our website (www.academicfreedom.co.uk) and can be readily downloaded from www.unileaks.org.  In some cases we have hyperlinked the words in body of the article to connect to supporting material online or as part of our publication of documents associated with this case. This is especially the case where Dr. Thornton explains his numerous attempts to raise his concerns prior to publishing this paper. All of these communications, including direct emails to the current Vice Chancellor, have now been published.