The Head of Security reported to University Management that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) had “reluctantly accepted” not to charge Sabir as a terrorist [here]. When Dr. Thornton approached the CPS about this claim, they stated that the CPS “do not “reluctantly accept” that people be charged or not charged” [here]. SWAN thinks this is starting to look like a smear campaign! Read on. The University announced to the public that Sabir was intially arrested for “interfering” with the police investigation. This claim was also erroneously repeated by the Home Office where is came to be said that Sabir “interfere[d] with the process of the police removing the computer” [here]. The police, however, never stated that Sabir was arrested for “interfering”, he was arrested after being escorted to a car park and cooperated fully with police enquiries. The fabrication can be traced to an internal security report written by the head of Security, Gary Steven’s [here]. When challenged, the Head of Security told Sabir: “I’m not sure [why you were arrested]” and that it was all based in his “impression” [here – page 3]. Nevertheless, the University in public and press statements spoke of Sabir’s ‘impeding’ and ‘interfering’ as fact [here and here].