Dr Thornton asked the Chief Constable of Nottingham Constabulary to investigate the fact that the Registrar had written to Sabir to say that he had ‘been informed by the police that it was illegal for you [ie, Sabir] to possess this type of material in the UK’ [here]. The Registrar repeated this assertion no less than three times in the 15 July meeting he held with Sabir [here] and no less than three times in the letter to Sabir which summarised the meeting [here]. An internal University investigation, however, had found that the Registrar had NOT been told this by any police officer [here]. To Dr Thornton this was clearly a case of the Registrar ‘misrepresenting the police’. However, he received a reply from the Force Solicitor of Nottinghamshire Constabulary stating that they saw no impropriety in the Registrar’s actions [here see: pp.10-11 of PDF]. It seems that the Registrar misrepresented the words of the Police, but was never investigated.