Publicly the anti-terror arrests may have seemed reasonable to those listening to the Vice Chancellor talking about ‘terrorist material’ for which others had been prosecuted for [here]. The Registrar also stated these documents had ‘no valid reason whatsoever to exist’ [here]. Likewise the Registrar met with Rizwaan Sabir privately and stated he was “informed by the Police that it was illegal for you [Sabir] to possess this type of material” [here]. However, the police said it was ‘the University authorities’ who ‘made clear’ that Sabir should not have the document [see here] and according to a police document [here] that decision was made by a Professor of Romance languages – a non-expert. Better still, ALL of the so-called ‘terrorist material’ were freely available to anyone with a library card [here] or access to high street bookshops such as Blackwells, Waterstone’s or Amazon. Despite this the University drafted a letter (within 24 hours of Sabir’s arrest) to suspend him as a student and exclude him from campus [here].