The ‘Al Qaeda Training Manual’ is obtainable from all British universities through the inter-library loan system (class mark HV6431). This particular book form contains a more complete version than the version used by Sabir for his postgraduate research.

Numerous books within the University of Nottingham’s library system contain substantial extracts from the “al-Qaeda Training Manual”, one notable example being Walter Laquer’s book entitled Voices of Terror: Manifestations and Writings of Al Qaeda (class mark HV6431.V6) [here]

Most importantly, Dr Rod Thornton, Nottingham University’s foremost academic expert on terrorism and counter-insurgency himself donated two copies of the al-Qaeda training manual to the university library that were purchased from Blackwells and Amazon respectively.

However, these are now being withheld from the university’s shelves and catalogues. In effect, senior management have prevented them from being shared with the university community. As such, they have actively participated in an act of censorship and, in doing so, have contravened UNESCO guidelines, which state that university libraries should “not [be] subject to censorship or other forms of intellectual interference” [see point 11 here].

What is apparent from the leaked documents is that no senior manager bothered to check whether the Training Manual was an available and widely referenced library book [see digest on the so-called “risk assessment”]. No one within senior management even read the al-Qaeda Training Manual to see what it contained [here– page 2].