Mini-Digests: Leaks at a glance.

Get straight to some of the most important leaks and some of the most interesting aspects of the case … more to come!

  1.  Untruths to Home Office came straight from senior management.
  2. Defamation vs. Academic Freedom: University members threaten academic body with litigation to silence Dr. Thornton
  3. Office for Security & Counter-Terrorism’ (OSCT) &  ‘Strategic Communications Unit’ (RICU was monitoring dissenters & critical voices, including journalists)
  4. A University without oversight- Dr Thornton’s multiple attempts to whistle-blow
  5. One Standard for the Arrested Student Another for Everyone Else
  6. What Collective Risk Assessment? Despite repeated claims, documents show no such thing occurred.
  7. Blaming the Student For the Terror Arrests.
  8. Covert Filming of Protesters Calling for Dr Thornton’s reinstatement (Image) and VIDEO (new).
  9. Smearing the Students Name
  10. Student is forced out and academics celebrate
  11. Registrar misrepresents police position to public, no action taken
  12. Monitoring of Arab/Muslim themed ‘Events on Campus’
  13. Senior Management passing confidential information for ‘cover-up publication
  14. The Power of Unileaks
  15. Al-Qaeda Training Manual” is available in the University of Nottingham Hallward Library
  16. No Transparency, no privacy: missing documents and the mysterious email.
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