Campaign Press Releases

13th June – The University’s Press Statement: with Unileak navigation.

12th June 2011 – Nottingham ‘Terror Lies’ Exposed by Unileaks

10th May – Reinstate Rod Thornton Declare World Scholars Ahead of Protest

4th of May – Suspended: Terror Arrest Whistle Blower

4th May – Al-Qaeda Arrest Whistle-blower Silenced by University



Click Here for BBC Newsnight Feature, June 2011


Call for independent inquiry into suspension of Nottingham academic ‘Times Higher Education’ (11 July 2011)




Alumni and student leaders letter published in  ‘The Observer’  (p42)

Nottingham University secretly films students suspected of extremism – The Observer (p.16)

Academic freedom and ‘dangerous ideas’  – Al Jazeera

Anti-terror whistleblower suspended by Nottingham University – Institute of Race Relations

Two arrests, a suspension, accusations of Islamophobia: Nottingham University must submit to a public enquiry – Open Democracy

Protesters call for reinstatement of Dr Rod Thornton –  BBC

Letter signed by 60+ academics calling for enquiry and reinstatement of Dr Thornton – including Noam Chomsky – The Guardian

Nottingham University: where you can graduate as a ‘terrorist’ for life – France 24

Testing Academic Freedom – Index of Censorship

“Terrorism” & Academia Special: Britain’s University of Nottingham Claims Another Victim – Scott Lucas, EA World View

Lecturer Suspended for Defending Innocent Muslim Students – Muslim Public Affairs Committee

Nottingham University expert ‘suspended’ in terror row – BBC News

Noam Chomsky calls for Nottingham expert reinstatement – BBC News

Row after university suspends lecturer who criticised way student was treated – The Guardian

Lecturer suspended for exposing handling of ‘terrorist’ students – Liberal Conspiracy